Academic Activities

National Moot Court Competition

The National Moot Court Competition of ELSA Greece is the only competition that

simulates the national court system and will be held for third consecutive year in Athens,

with the support of distinguished academic personalities, the country’s judicial and

recognized law firms. This year, the National Moot Court Competition is evolving,

upgrading and simulating, for the first time, all three jurisdictions, attempting a holistic

approach to the Greek system of justice. The 6 th edition of the NMCC, we have the

honor to be under the auspices of the President of the Hellenic Republic.


National Negotiation Competition

This year it will be organized, in cooperation with the Local Vice Presidents of Academic

Activities, the first National Negotiation Competition. The Competition will be

organized according to the Greek ENC Handbook, which was composed last year, it will

be hosted by ELSA Thessaloniki and it will be preceded by local-qualifying rounds, that

will be held at all three Local Groups.


Seminars & Conferences

International Conference on Maritime Law

In Greece, at the heart of global shipping, ELSA Greece holds the first international

conference on maritime law for students and young lawyers in middle of July. The

purpose of the Conference is to bring together participants from all over the world, to

get acquainted with the various aspects of maritime law through the contributions of

great academics and lawyers of European and National scope.

ELSA Greece will work with academic and maritime stakeholders to achieve its great

endeavor, with which they will ensure the high quality of the Conference at all levels.


ELSA Delegations

Greek delegates get an insight in the daily work of recognised international organisations

and experience the feeling of drafting international legal documents. As well as they

acquire a legal background in topics they would never otherwise have a chance to

learn about and they get a chance to meet with leading lawyers in the respective field of

law. Acquire contacts of professional diplomats and get closer to your potential future


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WELS Komotini on Refugee & Migration Law

ELSA Komotini is more than proud to present you the 5th edition of Winter ELSA Komotini Law School on Refugee and Migration Law.

This year’s WELS Komotini has an intensive program of legal courses, offering a deep insight in the two law fields, delivered by distinguished professors, lawyers and experts. Apart from lectures, the participants will have the opportunity to develop their legal skills and practice the gained knowledge in workshops.

Moreover, the participants will have the chance to gain one in a life time experience visiting one of the Refugee Reception and Identification Centers at Fylakio, Evros. However, the program doesn’t end with the lectures, as participants will have the chance to live a real Greek experience by visiting city’s attractions and touring to the nearby cities.

For more information, please visit our Facebook page “Winter ELSA Law School on Refugee and Migration Law”.


SELS Thessaloniki on Tax Law

For the last 5 years every middle of July, ELSA Thessaloniki combines a specific field of law in a high quality academic programme. Every year, students from all over the world have the chance to get to know the Greek culture, enjoy sight seeing in our beautiful city and take a taste from the traditional delicacies of Thessaloniki. During these days, we have arranged an excursion in Chalkidiki, a seaside place close to Thessaloniki, where participants can swim in crystal clear sea. Social events are held every night to remind them how vibrant the night life in Thessaloniki is.

This year we are more than happy to announce to you the renewal of our Summer School. After many years of Medical Law, our new topic is the European tax law! We are looking forward to seeing your participation in another great experience and welcome you to Thessaloniki!



ELSA Thessaloniki held a three-fold action in the context of ELSA Day to highlight the importance of
informing and advocacy the right to freedom of expression on the Internet.

With the crowning of the public consultation (8 discussion tables-80 participants), which took place on 27 November with the presence of university students, school students and guests from the field of journalism, law and civil society, the Association started a contact and interaction campaign with new students in the city.

Having as a basic rationale that children deserve to learn and offer to the whole project and not stay
away from it, ELSA Thessaloniki has visited public and private schools during November. In these
visits, presented its structure and philosophy, separated the students into working groups and
discussed together with them about useful aspects of the right and finally invited them to the public
consultation in 27 November. Except of schools, the field of Academic Activities has prepared and
addressed an interview with a law school professor who is specializing in personal data protection
issues. This constructive discussion has helped in the academic preparation of the consultation, since
there was a separate discussion table on the European Data Protection regulation.