10th SAM Thessaloniki

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•A day in the city- Morning

Start the day early in the morning,when the sun rises and is the only time of the day you’ll see Thessaloniki’s sea front peaceful and quite. Rent a bike and take your time to free your mind. Follow the route from the old port to the new part called “Nea Paralia” and you will find Thessaloniki’s Concert Hall in the finish line,one of the city’s architectural masterpieces.

Ran out of energy? Take a break to enjoy a smoothie by the sea.

•A day in the city- Afternoon
Ano Poli is where all the roads lead in the afternoon. Here,where the old and new meet you will find historical buildings,squares that make you feel like you are in a village and colorful houses. Take a walk to the upper city and of course enjoy the sunset with the city view from above at “Kastra” the city’s castle ruins that were constructed over a period of many centuries to protect the city.
•A day in the city-Night

As the sun goes down the heart of the city beats in Valaoritou area. Whether you are a party animal or a wine lover you will find a place for you. Small shops,with different tastes in music,each one with it’s one unique style offer great drinks and parties till early morning. You are free to get lost in the narrow streets to choose your favourite.

Bonus: Don’t forget to look up to find out the city terrace bars and let your eyes lay lost in all the city lights from above with a cocktail!